Running Towards A Dream

So last night I couldn’t sleep as usual. If you don’t know me personally then I’ll explain that I’m a night owl. I usually stay awake till 3 or 4 am and then sleep till noon. At about 4 am though, I still couldn’t get over feeling restless and so I had a spontaneous thought. Why not go for a run?

Now if you knew me personally, then you would also know…I…loath…exercise. :/ I especially hate sweating and getting hot. I’m a girl that likes to freeze not burn. So after the thought of deciding to run came to my mind; a small laugh followed at how preposterous the idea was.

However, I then started to think about how everyone says it clears your head and many writers would enjoy long walks for inspiration.

… OK lets try it.

So I got into some workout clothes that were shocked to see me, tied on my walking shoes that were upset I took them off their holiday, grabbed a water bottle, created a playlist with over 50 songs (I do not go anywhere without music), and headed out the door to try a new running spot.

It was 5:30 by the time I reached my destination, which is a waterway that starts in a park by our public library.  It was still dark and I was rethinking my plan, having heard stories about girls being attacked while jogging.  Still I sucked it up with the thought that I need to face my fears, gave a small prayer to God to protect me from rapists and cramps, then started my journey.

So far so good, I turned on my music, but on low in case I needed to hear someone coming up behind me. Walking first to be cautious…I swear my eyes glanced everywhere. When I caught sight of more female joggers, I started to relax and really look around me and enjoy the scenery. One guy passed me at a jog, and my music was on a fast paced song, so I decided to jog a little. Then, after five steps with my knees screaming at me, I decided to switch back to a fast walk.

I’m not sure how far I walked, but it was definitely longer than a football field, and I went around in a full circle for a good 33 minutes of songs. Close to the end of my trek, I saw a sitting area with a quote written in stone above, “The journey is the reward” – Ancient Proverb.  Really inspiring and put a smile on my face the rest of my walk, giving “good mornings!” to fellow walkers/joggers.

When I reached the spot where I started, I decided to stretch out some muscles, and do some ballet exercises. I was already feeling the muscles protesting, but a few simple stretches up and down, front and back, helped them a little.

After, I sat down on a bench covered in dew, not caring that it was soaking my pants, I watched the birds waking to the dawn. Ducks were out gossiping together, a stork was looking for some breakfast, a cute boy jogged by ( I’m not ashamed to observe 😛 ), and I felt so calm and complete for a moment. It was wonderful!

I’m hoping I can make this a daily thing, but I’ve never been the best at sticking to anything for long. Another fear and goal I need to face. This would be good for my health, and also a great way to keep my head clear, and maybe get more writing done. We’ll see…

In any case it was a beautiful morning, and experience, and now it’s time to shower, and sleep. Night!


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