Artist Interview: Heather Mae


Tonight’s interview  is with someone who is actually a personal inspiration to me. This MUSIC MUSE is someone I met in New York while attending school and she has certainly made us proud!  She decided that rather than wait for opportunity to knock, she would bust down the door and show us what she was made of, with a personal challenge for herself: writing and recording 365 songs in 365 days (! She has already completed this challenge as a success and has only taken off from there.  Introducing Heather Mae!

Heather, thank you for taking time for this interview, it means a lot. Especially since I know you’re getting busier with gigs everyday!

Thanks for asking me! I love the idea behind your blog and I am honored to be a part of it! What girl doesn’t love being called a muse?? 😉

Thank you and so true! For those who have yet to get to know you, can you give us a quick bio?

I’m originally from Sterling, VA (20ish minutes outside of DC). I moved to NYC when I was 18 to pursue a career in acting. I did that for a little while but, in between the shows, callbacks, and auditions, I fell in love with writing my own music. It became my therapy. I listened to other artists, female singer-songwriters, and I connected with their music. I began performing in 2009 and really haven’t looked back since.

So 365 songs in 365 days…that is quite a project you took on!  What made you decide to create such a big challenge?

I attended a music seminar in NYC called the New Music seminar. A speaker there was talking about ways to get noticed in this business. He said that you have to think outside the box and try something “crazy…like wear only leopard print, dress like Lady Gaga, write 365 songs in 365 days”. The entire audience of musicians, performers, and industry people began to laugh at that last idea…as if it was the craziest thing they had ever heard. I, however, had just been given the start to my next big adventure. I had just released a home recorded EP. Those songs had taken me over six months to write and I was sick of myself and them by the time I released the EP. I was ready to hone in on my writing method and take creativity by the scruff of the neck and examine it from every angle. “One Year of Songs” gave me the platform to do just that.

That’s incredible! What I like about your songs is that you can feel nothing but sincerity and honesty from your lyrics. One song in particular that really shows who you are is “One Of These Days”.  Which basically says not to let another day go by without working towards something. “Live for the day that you’re standing in” as the lyric goes.  By your hard work that seems to be something you live by.

I strive to. I was that crazy teenager that proclaimed to the world that I was going to move to Paris, live above a bakery, and be a bohemian. That girl still lives in me and she’s constantly pushing and daring me to try new things. “One Year of Songs’ was a terrifying idea and so was going on tour but I was so tired of letting fear run my life. I needed to “live for today”. However, sometimes the mindset of living everyday likes it’s my last can be a burden when there are small steps that have to be taken before I can meet these crazy goals of mine. I have goals that I know I’m not going to be able to meet for quite awhile but sometimes I’m stubborn and I get down on myself for where I am now and where I want to be. I just constantly remind myself: you can’t get to your destination without starting the car.

I like that. Well you completed this project and went on a tour with some other artists.  How was the trip? Can you tell us a little bit about that experience?

Incredible. Life changing. Exhausting. Exhilarating. I went on tour with another musician, Michelle Annette Craft. She and I had known each other for years (since first grade!) and I was ready to change things up in my project. I wanted to tour the country, play music, and be inspired by what I saw. I asked her to join me and we kicked it off in July and finished at the end of September. It was the most intense three months of my life. I experienced and saw more than I had ever imagined. We traveled to over 25 states (and Canada) in an old Conversion Van. Somehow we only had one flat tire!

One and One

Wow, that is lucky! So what is your next project?

I’m in the studio recording the “One Year of Songs” album. I somehow picked my absolute favorites from the project and narrowed it down from 365 songs to just 15.

You are a hard worker.  Is there anything you enjoy doing for fun when you have some time off?

After “One Year of Songs” ended I had to re-teach myself how to relax and enjoy things that have nothing to do with music. It was a hard lesson to learn and a tough habit to break, not constantly being on the go, but eventually I got back into the swing of actually LIVING. I read a lot and do yoga, I’m a total foodie. I come from a big family full of busy people. Meals were the time when everyone paused and took time for each other. Even to this day I still live that way. A great meal, an excellent glass of wine, and a good friend…that’s my version of fun time off. Oh man, now I’m hungry…

HAHA! I’m afraid I’m a foodie too, I enjoy cooking to relax. Lets get my readers some fun stuff! What are three random facts about yourself?

1. I’ve always wanted to be in a punk band.
2. Unlike the Weasleys, I’m the only red head in my family.
3. Speaking of Harry Potter, I’m a total HP nerd. I even own my own Ginny Weasley wand. Mischief managed, ya’ll.

Love it!  Now I ask this of all my guests…who inspires you? Who is your muse?

I’d say my muse, or muses, are my fellow singer-songwriters that continue to create authentic and inspiring music. I am inspired by the women that start out completely do-it-themselves and learn the ins-and-outs of the business on their own. The ones that go thru hell and back again for their careers before they “make it”…and yet, for the love of music, they still push on. Those are my muses and they continually inspire me everyday.

Where can we find your music?

It’s a little ridiculous how plastered I am across the internet. But you can find me on the interwebs here:



Heather thanks again for taking the time and I wish you the best on your future music projects!

Thanks and thanks for having me!

Well folks, I highly suggest that you check out the link below which includes a recent music video from Heather Mae for her song “Just Stay” (the first song from her project “One Year of Songs”  Also be sure to keep tabs on her tour dates so you can see her for yourself! More interviews to come, till then KEEP DREAMING! Thanks for stopping by.

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