Music Review: Angela Wingrove


This artist actually came to my attention when I was venting Facebook style on the fact that Carly Rae Jepson was nominated for song of the year at The Grammys. Here’s my post and a response to a comment made:

Status update:  Call Me Maybe is nominated for song of the year?! Are you kidding me?! I’ve lost all faith in music humanity.

Response to someone saying I should give the Academy my two cents:  The academy can get a whole dollars worth of what I have to say. This just ticks me off! What’s worse is the media was upset because Justin Beiber didn’t get nominated. He’s a hard working kid, but his songs are just as much crap and not worth song of the year either. I know pop is supposed to be catchy and Lord knows they get stuck in your head, even when you don’t want them to. But why do I need to know how far a g-string goes up a girl’s butt and consider that amazing songwriting? Why is a girl throwing herself at a guy nominated song of the year, with a voice that is a dime a dozen?! Why would I want to write music for an audience or singers who have no idea what good music is?

Angela, the artist I’m reviewing today, saw my post and decided to take a very risky chance and posted a link to her music.  Dangerous thing for an indie-pop artist to do with someone who is already furious with the pop world.  However, knowing a little about Angela, she’s a girl who is not afraid of taking risks. Was her risk worth it?


On receiving a download to her music I decided I would review her work. Once again however, the day was not in her favor.  In this present economy it’s easy to feel a little down in the dumps.  I myself that day, was wallowing about the pile of bills that were coming in and the very low digits in my bank account.  I was not in a good mood. Still I wanted to finish her review so I started the download and then played the first song on the list, “Keep The Faith”.

I have to tell you, I have never had a song lift my mood so quickly before.  The lyrics were exactly what I needed to hear, and before I knew it I was singing along and moving along to the tempo.  It’s a positive view on picking yourself up and remembering things can only get better.  A song the whole nation should have as a theme song.

The songs that followed certainly didn’t disappoint in the lyric department, which I favor as a lyricist myself.

“In Our Bones”: has great lyrics and a wonderful range in vocals.  I had to listen to this song a couple of times to try and discover what her lyrics were trying to say.  To me at least, I take the song to mean that it’s ok to make mistakes in love.  We’re only human and it’s in our bones. “And if it’s not right, well at least it’s our own,”  at least you tried to find that special love.  If it’s not right, then at least you were brave enough to try. What’s your interpretation?

“1, 2, 3”: is all about patience with relationships and life. “I’m breathing, I’m breathing, I’m breathing.  Counting two, threes, and…, two, threes, and…two, threes, and.  Guess I’ll just keep on breathing…1,2,3.”

“End Of Scene”: Seems to be about ending a relationship and the drama in that relationship.  Another song that keeps my toe tapping while Angela sings to her now ex-partner about how they need to move on because she’s “calling, end of scene.” No drama wanted.

Angela Wingrove has a strong, raw, passionate voice that just  takes you on a journey of just being human and how it’s ok when things aren’t perfect. I believe many of my fellow bloggers and readers can relate to her story and I highly recommend you all to go and listen to her music at this link: and download the EP which is only $4.  If you go to the site be sure to click the links on the right hand side to her hilarious videos on youtube, her Facebook, and Twitter so you can keep updated with a girl who says it all without any fear. Well done Angela Wingrove, my faith in music humanity is restored.  Please hurry up and get nominated for the Grammys, they need you.


What did you think?

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