Music Review: Brittany Jean

Update: I switched blogs and so this was originally posted October 22.


So this weekend I had the chance to listen to an upcoming artist who has a new EP coming out October 24th.  I’ll be honest with you, when I take the time to listen to new artists I always worry that I’m going to be disappointed.  Why? Because, (and I’m going to sound like an old-timer) most music today, to be honest, is just garbage.  It’s not about the actual song, but more about how high they can sing, for how long, and how far they can push their voice.  I also get frustrated with how lyrics have become worthless.  What with songs like “Call Me Maybe” where yes, it’s annoyingly catchy, but it’s also meaningless. The Macarena was also a catchy song, good for parties and nothing more.  So when I received an e-mail suggesting I check out this girl named Brittany Jean, I was a little hesitant, but agreed to give her a try.  I was given a link where I could access her upcoming tracks for her EP, settled down, and started to listen to a song called, Getting Out.
Now, I’m not going to insult this girl by comparing her to other artists.  She is not a shadow. No, after listening to that first song, she is the light.  Brittany Jean, has a beautiful voice that is gentle yet has a raw rock quality to it.  I know that’s a bit of a contradiction, but if you listen to her music, you will understand. There is a need for understanding that I think we all crave and so I believe many could connect with her lyrics. Which actually have a message and a journey, and all I can say is THANK GOD! There is still hope out there for REAL music.
With her band mates Will Copps on drums and Brian Young on bass they make a good team keeping together with their acoustic rock sound that is laid back, yet makes the foot bounce and tap with great beats and guitar that vibrates in your bones. They don’t try to outshine one another.  That’s another thing I like about this group, they don’t push or try too hard. They just have a message that they want to share and enjoy playing just to play. I can tell just by listening to this EP and it makes me just relax and listen to the other songs which include:

How Is The Weather? – Which was perfect to listen to while it was raining outside my office with it’s haunted intro and determined lyrics.

The Line – “The people who hurt will hurt you. The people who love, won’t always love you. Tell me where I draw the line, and I’ll cross it every time. So don’t let them bury you. If you let me out, I’ll carry you.” Fantastic lyrics and I think my favorite on the the list after…

Getting Out – Which as I said, was like a light emerging from the shadows. It woke me up and gave me hope.  All about letting go.  “ I don’t need anyone to save me.” I don’t know Brittany Jean personally, but this song seems to scream her.  She’s a girl who can take care of herself and will do just fine.

Machines – The vocals and instruments mingle really well in all the songs, but this one in particular you really do get a good sense of what this group is all about.

and Only Once –  This one would be perfect to listen to while going for a walk, or just chilling somewhere and letting your mind wander, as you drink in more great lyrics.
Brittany Jean is my new love (no Michael Jackson pun intended…maybe a little) and I have new hope in her. Looking forward to Brittany Jean’s new EP which according to their website @ is set to come out at one of their gigs October 24th, check out the site for more details.  Not too long of a wait. And just to make it clear, I highly recommend you go to the concert and if you can’t make it, then for God’s sake, get the EP and see for yourself.

What did you think?

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