Music Review: “Places” Brittany Jean and Will Copps

Last year I reviewed an EP for a band named Brittany Jean, which surprised me.  They were referred to me by another artist I knew, and I was doubtful that I would be impressed, but I was wrong.Their lyrics were personal, and their music connected well with those lyrics. So I went along for the ride. CLICK HERE to view their last review.

Now they have an album coming out April 15 of this year called “Places,” except for one big dramatic change…they’re not Brittany Jean anymore!


It seems that one of the members of the band Will Copps (former drummer), moved to Germany to pursue audio/visual work.  So Brittany Jean broke up…but wait there’s more! Brittany quoted in an e-mail, “Will and I have been friends since our first year of college and he has been the most encouraging force in my musical pursuits – so it was a sad thought that we were no longer going to be able to write and perform music together.” Press_Photo

So, they decided to try something new. “Since September, I have been sending Will my vocal, guitar, violin, and accordion tracks through email using a simple microphone and pocket Tascam studio recorder. Will would work his magic (in Germany) to create the beautiful, dynamic atmosphere around the vocals. There was a lot of emailing!”

A bit of history on the both of them from their site:

Brittany Jean has been writing, performing, and recording music since 2002, releasing two EPs, playing gigs like the National Cherry Blossom Festival, and opening for Hanson, Rooney, and others. She was recently featured in the Deli Poll magazine for DC’s best emerging artists.

Will Copps is a Germany-based audio/visual artist known for his explorations of synaesthesia, sound engineering, and his generative audio/visual installations. He has exhibited at the Smithsonian Institute in Washington, DC; the State Russian Museum in St. Petersburg, Russia; and galleries and festivals internationally.

So needless to say these two are not amateurs. What was created from their long distance friendship, is their new album “Places,” as the duo Brittany Jean and Will Copps. After listening to it several times, I can conclude it has a trance house/new age feel to it. Definitely different from their old style, which can be refreshing, but does it work?

With tracks such as “Beneath the Crest of the Sea” and “Sandbridge” I believe it does.  They create an atmosphere where the music seems to mingle with the lyrics over a cappuccino in a cafe, such as with the song, “The Smoke/ The Snow.” Or as Brittany states about “The Fall,” a darker song on the album, “on a stormy cliff in Ireland from the lonely cell of a lighthouse.”

Listen to “The Smoke/The Snow”:

Will Copps takes us away from our boring offices and classrooms, to travel along with him to different parts of the world and contemplate where we are in life, where we are going, and who we will share these moments with. Giving us recordings from forests, oceans, cafes, or busy streets, you can decide, using these tracks, just where you’d like to escape for at least 4-5 minutes.

photo-2-3-640x480 IMG_8608-e1384290651149-466x700






Though the lyrics can be a bit difficult to hear in most of the songs, they are still as meaningful as always with Brittany Jean serenading with that voice of hers; that always reminds me of a velvet ribbon floating around and intertwining with the music.

52e67430e8db7a03b73c3f86_jpg_250x250I fall for you,
do you fall for me too?
If we tear down the walls,
do you see me at all?
I went searching for you,
do you search for me too?
Through the floods and squalls,
do you see me at all?
– Sandbridge

Say you’ll wait for me,
till the grave falls beneath.
Till birds fly up in the summertime,
won’t you belong to me?
Say you’ll wait till the grave…
– Beneath the Crest of the Sea

Once again these two have surprised me and with a genre I haven’t really given a chance till now. Though the music and recordings border the trance house and new age genre; they really have made this style their own. I can even imagine the track “Sandbridge” as the back track for a film. You know those scenes where the character is contemplating their life or just traveling? I think it would fit perfectly. So independent filmmakers take note. This duo has a strong bond and it shows with the creativity in their work and I believe we haven’t even seen the end of that out-of-the-box creativity.

This project means a lot to them, for as we all know, the long distance relationships are the hardest. I’m not worried about them, I believe they will succeed. They are not afraid to try new things and make it work, even when they are countries apart.

Of course, everyone thinks there is something special about their album, but I personally view this album as a beautiful example of the extraordinary power of music and friendship.” – Brittany Jean

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