Need a Hug…from Around The World?

I don’t think there’s anything as wonderful as a hug.  To feel comforted and loved at the same time by your friends or someone special.  Would you ever receive a hug from a stranger though? I’ll tell you something, I’m one of those people who never meets a stranger.  When I was about five; every time my mother would take me to a restaurant, I would go around to each table and introduce myself and to my mother’s horror include my address and phone number, haha! Luckily people just laughed it off and no one tried to visit, but still I just wanted to be friends with everyone!

That hasn’t really changed, except I withhold personal information untill I know them better.  Still that is the reason I am absolutely in love with these two sites.

niceplace the-nicest-place-on-the-internet the-nicest-place-on-the-internet-1 Discover-the-nicest-place-on-the-internet-cover-2

The Nicest Place On The Internet– People can record hugs to offer for anyone around the world who needs it. Having a bad day? Just head there and I promise you’ll be smiling within seconds. It’s also fascinating to see people from different cultures and the sincerity and happiness in their eyes.  They just want to make someone happy no matter where they’re from. Putting in a good world for World peace ;).

freehug freehugs 20061030_101_284x218 28

Free Hugs Campaign– This started out with Juan Mann having a difficult time himself and so randomly he decided to write out a sign saying free hugs and well…just watch the video and read how it all began on his homepage and you will be smiling as much as I am right now. A fantastic campaign and glad they stopped it from being banned. I might even consider starting one around where I am.

Just wanted to share these to make your day. Sometimes someone’s dream is just to love and be loved in return.  This could actually help people who may consider doing something to harm themselves because they think no one cares.  If they could only see how many different people give hugs on these videos and in person holding signs that say, “I love you,” or “It will get better,” perhaps it could help them reconsider. I know sometimes even I need a hug and no one is around, in any case it does make you smile, which in turn makes you feel happier.

Photo on 2014-04-19 at 14.56Have a good day readers, spread the love, and Happy Easter!


3 thoughts on “Need a Hug…from Around The World?

  1. Krystal says:

    I am sending you limitless hugs! The Free Hug Campaign is awesome! I remember reading about it a while back and thinking what a great idea it was. Silly to ban such a positive message and I’m glad it’s allowed again. Hugs have proven healing properties. They can lift someones mood instantly. Hey, speaking of happy sites to visit…have you tried Happier? They have a website and an app for the phone to use and it’s the best social media community I have come across. People all over the world sharing happiness with one another. It has made me realize how much happiness is in my everyday that I once may have just overlooked. πŸ˜€ Check it out!


    • nymuse88 says:

      I’m glad they lifted the ban too and yeah it is pretty strange for them to ban it in the first place. I remember you mentioning happier on your blog and I think I will check it out! Thanks! I can always use new things to remind me to be happy. πŸ™‚ hugs to you too and thanks for the comment!


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