Repost: Putting It Together…Bit By Bit

storyboard-layout*Had to repost due to spam. Apparently spammers like musicals :/

One of the projects I am currently working on is a musical that takes place in New York (the city I fell in love with) and it’s many hidden gems. I’ve had the thought for this musical since I moved back to Texas in 2008, but now I’m finally starting work on it with my musical writing partner George Ruehle.

Today we met at La Madeleine, the French Country restaurant where I work (not anymore) as a server, and over coffee and some dinner we discussed what I have completed on the script so far, what style of song we should consider for certain scenes, and created the storyboard for Act I.  It was a wonderful session and I hope we continue to make progress in the future.

My homework is to delete a character, rewrite a scene, add a scene, add a song, and finish lyrics on two songs we’re sure will be in the final script.

George will start work on a purely instrumental scene that will be quoted in other sections of the show so it can all connect. Here’s a little info about my partner. He was actually my choir accompanist in high school and we connected very well and he helped me prepare for my audition for The American Musical And Dramatic Academy with the song, “Honey Bun”, from South Pacific.  I was accepted into the school and even when I was in New York, he was forever supportive and cheering me on.  When I moved back in 2008 we reconnected and began to talk about writing music together at his home studio, Mudman Records or Muddy Tracks.  It has taken off from there and I couldn’t ask for a better partner. His wife Sonja is also forever supportive and a sweet lady altogether. I’m blessed to have them in my life.

I’ve been very lucky with the people in my life.  My mother who has seen and paid for many dreams I have conjured up, is more logical and keeps me grounded at times, but she never tells me, you can’t do it.  I love her for that and hope one dream will pay off, so I can buy her that island with the nice pool.  Mark and Linda Weston have also been very supportive of my dreams. Mark, an amazing playwright and Linda the sweetest woman you could ever know and a great cook, watched over me in New York. I was an actress then and Mark always gave great advice on acting and writing. Linda gave lots of hugs and advice on things in my personal life.  I hope I can make them proud as well.  Sure, I’ve had people tell me I can’t, but they don’t matter. Because I know I can.

There is nothing more exciting than having something that started as a thought begin to turn into something real.  I understand the message of my show now and it’s that even though others might not see something special, it doesn’t mean there isn’t something special and unique there.  Something I’m learning for myself and therefore can connect with my main character Abigail. I have what it takes and as long as I can fight off the procrastination bug (something I fight with on a daily basis) then I can bring this story to life with George’s help and perhaps inspire someone else to do the same.

Well, back to the storyboard. Till next time…

– Kelly Ann

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