Want To Hear Something That Will Give You Goosebumps?

Gorgeous, isn’t it? Brittany Jean Valint’s new album “Songs For Someone Else” is an audio metamorphosis, where this young woman decides to break from the cocoon of the past that was filled with pain and disappointment, into a beautiful and confident songstress that symbolizes hope for a bright future. This album has such raw passion and holds nothing back from those who take a moment to listen.

Brittany Jean has always been talented. I have followed her through her past two albums, but this one…this one really just hooks your heart and her hauntingly gorgeous riffs reel you in. I for one am happy to have been caught, just to have the chance to hear her grow in her music and to really put herself out there. I’m not sure you understand just how difficult it is to really share your innermost thoughts and feelings for others to judge, or maybe you do. A performer becomes truly professional when they give all of themselves to their audience unselfishly to share their story with its happy endings and sometimes its heartbreaks.


This project was even more personal for Brittany Jean Valint, because it holds a connection to her father.

“The cover photo is of my dad at a place called Point Pelee in Canada. My mom took the photo. My dad passed away when I was younger, but he was a poet- When I started song writing I would take a line from one of his poems and build a song around it… In hard times, I always look to his poems to draw inspiration and guidance.”

Wonderful time when you were mine, when you were mine…wonderful night when you were mine Someone else Track 4 and a line from her dad’s poetry.

Brittany Jean also shares a peculiar moment from when she was recording that song.

“Pay close attention to that track (Someone Else). A perfectly eerie, beautiful wind came into the studio just during that song and remains on the final recording. Jarrett says that has never happened, that a wind has never come into the studio.”

I am also impressed with the decision on how this album was recorded. Another brave and bold step from both Brittany Jean Valint and her producer of “Songs For Someone Else” Jarret Nicolay. So many songs today use autotune and really edit any sharp edges in a song and personally I think it just takes away from the humanity of the singer.

Valint explains how she and Nicolay avoided this.”You will find that “Songs For Someone Else” is really basic and simple…we took only two takes on each song and decided to leave imperfections the way they were, to leave it all honest and organic.”

It certainly does that and it also really helps connect with the artist better, who isn’t hiding behind a soundboard.

Here is my analysis of her new songs:

3 Minutes: This song opens the album with Brittany Jean basically asking someone special to give her three minutes for her to share her feelings. As I listened…it almost seemed that she was speaking to me; asking to give her a chance to share this piece of herself that she had kept hidden away for so long. It was easy to connect to, because who hasn’t had a moment where we wanted someone to listen, understand, and accept us?

And in the morning when you wake up, will you say you love me too? And in the morning when you wake up, will you say you need me too? And in the morning when you’re sober, will you say you love me? Love me…- 3 Minutes

In the morning when you wake up? Will you say you love Brittany Jean’s new album as much as I do?

Foxboro: This song has another secret message within it. On the outside Brittany is singing of letting a love go and understanding that it’s just a part of life. There is however a line, which once again is a statement that Brittany is ready to share this secretive side of her heart; breaking the cocoon wider. I will also share something with you. I love songs with a great beat. I am a drum and rhythm lover. This song is fantastic in that it grows from guitar, to tambourine, to what sounds like a military drum. To me this symbolizes her progress through her albums. From the first with her old band Brittany Jean, to “Places” with Will Copps, and now marching through with bravery on the battlefield of life and love with “Songs For Someone Else.”

There will be no seas between us, there will be no seams to keep us. – Foxboro

Aberdeen Pelee: This is the song at the beginning of this post. So hauntingly beautiful and I never thought I’d love the accordion as an accompaniment! This song sounds like something you’d hear as the soundtrack for a battle scene in a film. Where the soldiers are ready to make their last stand. Valint is also taking her stand. It’s a short song, but it leaves a mark on your heart. This song makes me tear up just from the sheer raw passion in her voice. So beautiful and it just surrounds you and gives you goosebumps. Once again I discovered another secret message about her promise to hold nothing back from her listeners.

And I’ll stay with you, til you fall asleep. And before you are gone, I’ll whisper everything…. – Aberdeen Pelee

Someone Else– I will let Brittany share her reasons behind this particular song, which also became the title of her album. “The 5 songs I included on the album were part of a group of these songs that I had written over the last year when I was very very sad, and I decided they were all so important and beautiful to me that I had to record them, but I had hoped someday I would look back at them and that I would have become a much happier person and that the person who had written those songs was just “someone else.” Now that I’m feeling much better, the EP is somewhat of a tribute to how grateful I am to be happy, alive, and well…how grateful I am for people who love me. It is also a tribute to all the “someone elses” who are battling any kind of sadness in their lives.”

Of course, dear readers you also know this particular song really connects Brittany Jean with her father. In a way they wrote this together and that wind that blew through the studio was probably him coming to sing one last song with his little girl.

My Arms and Legs– This song has a bit of a classic Johnny Cash feel to it. It’s not a country song, but it has that raw honesty and a voice that could carry over a stadium full of fans, and they would all remain silent to hear every note and riff from this performer. The way it is recorded, I can actually picture her singing this for a sold-out concert crowd. They are waving their lighters or cell phone in the air; just in a trance by the music and lyrics of this particular song, so they stay completely silent.

avatars-000068164501-aj6f8y-t500x500Five songs that grow in intensity as you go through them and each one is an offering from Brittany Jean to her fans. The question is why are you still reading this post?! Go and schedule a reminder in your calendars to buy the album on June 26th and experience this for yourself. I will add the links below. It is on repeat in my house as I write this and other posts on Believe In A Dream.

Well done Brittany Jean Valint, I give this 5 out of 5 stars for its beautiful arrangement, vocals, recording style, passion, honesty, and most important…bravery. Your father I’m sure is very proud and this is also a win for him since his poetry will soon be a part of the Top 40’s chart.

Links For Brittany Jean Valint:

Her Main site: http://brittanyjeanmusic.com/ it has the song “3 minutes” if you want another preview of the album.

Her YouTube channel: Which holds more previews as well as her older albums if you need to catch up. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC_0yJAJQ53NYPJNlnJvKHfg






3 thoughts on “Want To Hear Something That Will Give You Goosebumps?

  1. Banana Blogger says:

    I love your insights into Brittany’s music; it’s obvious that you’re really interested in the success of others, such a refreshing change from the status quo! I am now definitely going to give her album a listen, thanks so much 🙂


    • nymuse88 says:

      That’s wonderful! I’m sure she will be pleased to have another fan and thank you for the follow and checking out her work. I really do want to help people reach their dreams, by sharing it as much as I can. who knows these artists might inspire others. I know they inspire me 😉 I love your blog as well and look forward to more of your work.


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