Let’s Get Organized…Organized!!

Hey readers! Things are moving along nicely in starting things up and thank you all for your patience. Should be finishing up in the next few weeks with art, price sheet, and appearance. I’m really happy that I’ll be able to help other people on the way to their dreams from creative work to starting a small business. On my way to getting everything prepared it was suggested to me, by my journalist internship to purchase an Erin Condren life planner.  Ever hear of her?

Here’s a video of what’s included:

Here’s a picture of mine!

photo  I have to say I am loving this one! Plenty of room to write and a separate section for morning, afternoon, and night scheduling, not to mention it being personalized with an inspirational quote on the front. You like?

This will soon be filled to the brim with my weddings, classes, my new Texas Renaissance Festival schedule (Oh yeah, did I mention I’ll be a performer? 😉 , ), as well as my part-time job schedule, recording music with Musical partner George Ruehle at Muddy tracks, and interviews and posting dates for Believe In A Dream. I love being busy because I actually feel like I’m getting somewhere. Never a dull moment these days and it’s the best!

With so much going on you can see why it’s important for me to make sure all is organized perfectly. Any suggestions for me on how you stay organized? Leave me a comment below with your suggestions.

More posts coming soon and I hope to see some new followers so I can return the favor and check out your work. Till next time KEEP DREAMING!



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