A Nigerian Wedding

img_1323Wow! The wedding I just worked with Ellanesque was definitely the  most interesting I’ve worked so far. A Grand Nigerian wedding! So beautiful and so much fun! Check out my recent blog post for the wedding HERE.

You won’t regret it and I also took some pretty fun pictures of the event; one of which you can see above.

Enjoy and more to come!


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3 thoughts on “A Nigerian Wedding

  1. Krystal says:

    Gorgeous!! I love the outfits they all wore. So beautiful and interesting. It must be so awesome to have these experiences. I’ve always wanted to work in the wedding industry. Haha! I’m the girl who is all goo goo eyed over wedding stuff BUT I didn’t want one of my own. I think I’m a behind the scenes gal in this case.

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    • nymuse88 says:

      Nothing wrong with being a behind the scenes gal 😉 Weddings are crazy busy work, but when you see how happy the couple is and they look at you and thank you for making their day special…makes it all worth it. If you ever want to experience it for yourself just call a planner in your area and ask if they can use extra help at an event. That’s how I got the job!


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