Dreaming of A Healthy Life


So one of the goals I have for myself this year is to change my lifestyle to be healthier. Swetank, one of my readers and a fellow blogger had a great list to help me get started. It’s now pinned to my inspiration wall. I will soon have this section of my place filled with inspirational pics, quotes, my story ideas, and I will also stick my Believe In A Dream files here as well as my Erin Condren planner to stay organized. Should be fun to see everyday and help keep me motivated!

photo-1 photo

Pretty excited to get back in shape! Yes, it’s to lose weight, but not for vanity reasons. Well maybe a little…mostly it’s because I found out I’m pre-diabetic. I already have PCOS, which affects weight, hormones, as well as higher risk for heart disease. Pretty scary, but certainly the wake up call I needed.

So…here’s what I’m doing to get healthier so I can keep rocking at life!

1. Change what I eat: Eating more veggies, fruits, and little to no bread.

2. Drinking more water and staying away from soda (my addiction.)

3. Rock Climbing at a place called Inspire Rock. Perfect for me, right?? 😉

4. Swimming

5. Walking: Didn’t buy a parking spot on campus. I park at a church and walk to campus (about a ten minute walk to my first class), walk all over campus.

Also walking for Charity Miles, which donates money to a charity of my choice based on how many miles I accomplish that day. I highly recommend you try it out: Click Here.

6. Biking. I have a cruiser bike, but still good for exercise.

7. Dancing around my room, like Dandy in the picture above. My favorite exercise and a really great workout if you’re cleaning as well. Ha ha! Shake it!

So many things that will help me get back on track and perhaps some of you are going through the same thing or have been thinking about it. Feel free to offer suggestions on anything I could try, tell me what you do to stay healthy, and I REALLY need some recipes that are low fat and still taste good. Let me hear from you and wish me luck! 😉

8 thoughts on “Dreaming of A Healthy Life

  1. Swetank says:

    Hi Kellyann, I am glad to see the list 😀 😀 !! I hope you stay healthy for ages and ages. All the very best!!! Really, It feels great when you motivate someone.

    As long as I am alive, I’ll continuing to do so.. 🙂 I hope you do the same. I am sensing a very positive energy in you!! I am sure you are going to cross the hurdle, that you kept for yourself. Again Thanks for your immense support and loving Being Bettr!!

    PS: The tagline: “Be Bettr, Stay Bettr” is without “e” at last. Its Bettr, why I choose this? well — dropping e=effort! So less effort and you get bettr. 🙂 Just a small thing and motive of being better 🙂

    I hope you have an amazing day!! All the very best.. 🙂

    Be Bettr, Stay Bettr! 🙂


    • nymuse88 says:

      Hey Lena! First thanks for the follow and I now follow yours as well :). Second, you’re absolutely right about the little steps adding up. I’ve discovered something else that works. I take a book I need to read (either a textbook or something pleasurable) and I walk in my pool for 30 minutes reading. I’m telling you, I have lost at least a pound every time! Plus get to focus on that section of the book I wanted to finish and stay cool. 🙂


    • nymuse88 says:

      Welcome Joyce! Thanks for stopping by my site. It takes time to completely change your lifestyle from what you’re used to. Still, as long as we keep trying and never give up…we’ll win 😉 I’m glad you were motivated and I hope you’ll visit again and we can encourage each other to try getting healthy 🙂


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