Help A Beloved Mother Become Immortal

All of usThis post is from a professor of my university whom I respect very much and understand where her heart lies with the subject of cancer. We have both lost someone we loved and I want to share the story of her mother…please read and help both daughter and mother make a difference…

“In 2013 just two weeks before my Mom died of cholangiocarcinoma (bile duct cancer), I was at home watching football with her. I remarked about how nice it was to have pink sprinkled on the players and the field (since I am not much of a football fan and I really liked pink.) She explained it was for breast cancer awareness and then my Mom said, “I wish somebody would give money for my type of cancer.”

I felt my heart sink.

Mom specifically said that she would prefer donations to support cancer research in lieu of flowers. So, I created an endowment named for her. The Patsy Rhodes Brandau Cancer Research Fund has been established at the Mitchell Cancer Institute in Mobile, Alabama. This is the facility where my Mom went for her treatments.

The minimum amount to set up an endowment is $10,000. Or as I like to think of it…100 donations of 100 dollars. Donations can be made in a couple of ways: a one time payment or a pledge. I realize that some people may only be able to commit to a small amount and others may be able to give more, but every dollar counts and helps researchers find ways to treat and cure this disease.

We have 5 years to raise enough money to hit the $10,000 mark. If just 20 people committed to doing $100 a year for 5 years we would have it! All donations are FULLY tax deductible. The money in this fund will go to benefit research specifically related to bile duct cancer done at Mitchell Cancer Institute. This fund could help make a difference for someone just like my Mom.

Click the following link:

then click ‘Donate Now’ and be sure to stipulate that the donation is being made for The Patsy Rhodes Brandau Fund so that your donation isn’t just added to the general fund. You can do this by

1. Filling out your general info

2. In the pull downs first select “healthcare” in Supporting, “Mitchell Cancer Institute” under Division, and then “Other” under Fund.

Then most importantly click “In Memory Of” and type (or copy and paste) ” for The Patsy Rhodes Brandau Cancer Research Fund” in the comment box.

I am asking for your help in creating the Patsy Rhodes Brandau endowment. Please commit to giving as generously as you can over the next five years to make this a reality so that my Mom can help other people suffering from the same horrible disease.  Any money raised is considered a victory! This fund is important to me because it means that my Mom’s name will be spoken every year from now on. She won’t ever be forgotten and can help other people forever. What a great legacy.”

Dr. Brandau-Brown, the daughter of Patsy Rhodes Brandau is a wonderful communications professor at Sam Houston State University. When we (her many students) got the news that her mother passed…our hearts broke for her.   I wouldn’t have shared this with you if I didn’t believe she deserved to be heard. None of the proceeds go to my professor personally, but straight to the cancer fund to not only start the legacy for her mother, but also to help those still dealing with this disease. Please help if you can. I made a donation with what I could and I hope you will do the same. As she said, “Any money raised is a victory!” Have you paid it forward yet today?

Thank you readers ahead of time for your kindness 🙂

6 thoughts on “Help A Beloved Mother Become Immortal

    • nymuse88 says:

      Thank you SJ. I will pass the message on to my professor 🙂 I hope we can help her raise the money she needs to make her mom’s wish come true. Thank you for reading!


      • lifecoachwriter says:

        My pleasure. I attended the funerals of two very beautiful, young women, only a couple of years ago. One was the sister of my partners best friend and the other, was the sister of my oldest and dearest, friend. Both of them were taken, within months of their Cancer diagnosis and are greatly missed, every single day.

        Every type of Cancer needs researching, until they come up with a cure. You never know, the under-researched varieties, might hold the cure to them all. Researchers won’t know, if they aren’t funded.

        If people can’t afford to donate, (like me) it takes so little time to pass it along. Sharing the story might just touch the right person, at the right time.

        I wish you and your professor the very best of luck. 🙂

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