The Cord Carpenter Band Is Fantastico!

1417778396_israThe Cord Carpenter Band’s newest album “Days Within The Dash” is now on sale on iTunes. The band should officially be dubbed “The Rascals of the South”. This is the kind of country music that can be enjoyed when going out for beers with your buddies. These songs highlight enjoying the dash that is your life. So live it up! As you listen to their music it is easy to imagine them bursting into a bar, downing a glass of whiskey, jumping on stage, and hijacking the microphone to liven up the room, And man do they ever liven it up!

CORD-CARPENTERRecently returned from an incredibly successful tour in Spain, the band is clearly ready to enjoy the fruits of their labors. The album’s upbeat songs have the listener considering where they are in life, and whether they want to stay put or say..jump in a car and go to Mexico. “I’m further from lost and closer to found,” is a particular line that sticks out. Listeners of all ages will relate and connect with The Cord Carpenter Band’s newest album. Check out the music videos and iTunes link below for a shot of awesome!

Their Main Site: Here

iTunes link for Album samples: Here

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