Dear 2014

Dear 2014,

You have not been the easiest year to live through, but I wanted to thank you for that. Without the many bruises I gained this year I wouldn’t be as strong as I am now. You see, I worked two internships along with a part-time job over the summer meeting my deadlines and making clients happy. I survived and now I’m stronger. I went to school full time (6 courses) while also working four jobs at once (part-time sales, event coordination, Renaissance festival, and my personal PR clients) in the fall. I survived and now I’m stronger. I stood up against those who wished I would fail. I survived and now I’m stronger. I experienced the loss of a mentor and friend. I survived and with the wisdom and memories he gave me, I am stronger. You threw everything you could at me, to see if I would stay down and wave the white flag…but I kept getting up. I survived and now I’m stronger.

Even though you tried to bring me down, so many wonderful things still happened! I performed for the first time in seven years making an audience smile and laugh. I made new friends. I made a difference in others lives by paying it forward. I gained new skills. I learned new forms of communication and had several chances to try them out. I met people of many cultures. I shared stories of inspiring people to inspire others. Most importantly, I learned more about myself and what I can handle and the answer is anything.

I am ready for whatever 2015 brings and that is because of you.  I will carry what I learned and blow 2015 away.

So once again…thank you 2014.


Kelly Ann Earls

Happy New Years Eve dreamers! I hope you all have a wonderful send off to 2014 and have become stronger as well. See you in 2015!

Creative Dandy

7 thoughts on “Dear 2014

  1. ennissmith says:

    Kellyann, I love it, dear! You took the jabs of the world and continued fighting. Even though life through some unexpected curves at your course, you managed to keep it moving and make it to the end of the line. That’s how I like to gauge my life: one year at a time. So, for you Ms. tale-spinner; Ms. Weaver of Words; I offer this prayer for 2015:

    Dear Lord, I pray that you walk alongside Kellyann, guiding her steps and protecting her against the threats of the enemy, as she answers the call you’ve placed upon her life. Lord, you’ve given her a special gift, and I believe she’s using it to do exactly what she’s supposed to do. May she carry momentum into 2015 and , under your leadership, touch the lives of everyone you place before her, with her gift.

    In your mighty name, Jesus, I pray


    Happy New Year Kellyann.


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