Willy Wonka of The Woodlands

*Warning: If your New Years resolution was to eat less sweets…good luck after reading this…and sorry!

Some of you I’m sure are familiar with this clip from Willy Wonka and The Chocolate Factory. I always loved that song and the thought of a candy man making a kids day by singing about candy and giving them treats…in a non-creepy way…was just amazing to me. So I was thrilled when I decided to check out a store next to where my writers group meets and found what can only be described as heaven.


I walked through my version of the pearly gates and was greeted with, “Hi, welcome to The Candy House!” An older gentleman gave me a wave and a smile. I soon discovered that this was the owner of the shop, Don Baker.
IMG_2228 If that wasn’t enough of a welcome; the smell of chocolate and popcorn seemed to carry me in like a cartoon character. You know my love for chocolate, popcorn, and coffee…it’s a wonderful sickness.
peter-smells-pie-oAnyway, I looked around at this world of candy and was impressed by the great selections. Truffles, and PEZ, and fudge, oh my!

IMG_2219Β  IMG_2221 IMG_2223IMG_2188

The friendly smile never leaving his face; you could just tell how much Don Baker loves what he does, which made this mom and pop shop all the more wonderful.

Baker, stated that the Candy House had been in business since March 1st 1989, though it moved locations a couple of times and was once two stores. This March will be their 26th year as a go-to candy store nestled in the little shopping area right next to Glen Loch Elementary in The Woodlands.

He runs the business with his daughter Donelle and his wife Barbara, whom Baker sweetly described as having, “a good sense of humor,” and is “a very sweet person, a very understanding person, much more probably than myself.”

Monday – Friday: 10:00am – 7:00pm
Saturday: 10:00am – 6:00pm
Sunday: 12:00pm – 6:00pm

27160 Glen Loch Drive Spring, TX 77381
(281) 367-0564

The whole time I was talking with Baker, he spoke to me as if we had always been friends. He told me more about the business and whenever someone walked into the store he knew them by name. Yes, he’s the candy version of Cheers! I asked him if he was always so close with his customers.

IMG_2206 IMG_2205“I’ve always talked a lot. It comes naturally. I do like people and I find most of the people that come in here have a good time. I find everybody, even if they seem serious or uptight, has a sense of humor; and whatever type it takes I will break through that! That’s my hope! You find the soft underbelly. We all have our weaknesses and I have a good time dealing with that.”

“So, you see it as a challenge?” I ask.

“Well no, I just get along with folks and most people who are very serious or standoffish, if you find the right area, many times they loosen up. But you see I’ve never grown up, I’m still maybe 8 or 9. [laughs] Would never get passed that. So, the kid in me…”

“Well that’s perfect for a candy store!” I interject laughing.

“Yes, exactly!” he says excitedly, smiling ear to ear.

It’s just so easy to connect with this guy and add him to your favorite people list. Especially, when he offers to give you a sample of their store made popcorn. I go over to their popcorn station expecting a small handful to sample and instead he starts filling what’s considered a small bag (actually it’s like the storage size of ziplock) with half cheddar and half caramel popcorn. YUM!! I was a very, very happy girl!

IMG_2236 IMG_2235

After a bit of browsing I moved to the register with my favorite selections:

Gummy Worms (chewy goodness)

Cappuccino Truffles (Oh my goodness…)

PEZ (couldn’t resist walking down memory lane)

and the other two I was just experimenting with. One was supposed to taste like eating chocolate bubbles. Very interesting.

I left smiling and plan to return for gifts (they have some fun mugs and candy packs) and more goodies for myself. Also with Valentines coming up, I know they will be crazy busy with all the guys getting chocolate for their sweets (hint, hint boys πŸ˜‰ ).

Go to The Candy House on your next visit to The Woodlands, and enjoy the sweet treats and the equally sweet company!

I’m not the only one giving The Candy House a great review, check out what people are saying on Google + !
Reviews HERE

IMG_2224Have a sweet day dreamers!

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