Inspire With A Smile :D

maxresdefaultAlthough I wasn’t impressed with the new version of “Annie” this past holiday season (too much auto tune); I did love two of the songs from the film. One was a recreation of an original song from the show and the other was a new song added to the film, both involved the artist Sia.

“You’re Never Fully Dressed Without A Smile” has the girls of the film running around NY, bringing smiles to people around the city.  Yes, it was a publicity stunt; but I believe the girl’s kindness towards those in the video was genuine and you can tell they are having fun, as well as the people interacting with them. You can make a positive change in someone’s day, simply by giving them a smile, and showing a kindness.

The second song is “Opportunity”.  The lyrics really pull at your heart strings and the star of the film did a pretty nice job, but I do love Sia singing the song too. What is important are the words…which is about being grateful for the opportunities we’ve been given and taking that opportunity to show just what we’re made of!

I hope these songs can give you a little inspiration today 😀 KEEP DREAMING!

What did you think?

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