Why Do I Have Dandelions As My Theme?

Transparent Dandy Closed EyesYou may have noticed that dandelions are a big theme on this site. A weed is my flower of choice. Why is that?

Because ever since I was a little girl I loved finding these so called weeds and making wishes on them.


Believe In A Dream is a place where wishes and dreams are shared. It is an attempt on my part to help those I interview or review to have their dreams and wishes come true; by spreading their craft like the seeds blown from that weed around the net and world.

If you have a creative gift to share or a special story of inspiration…I want to hear about it and help you share it. You gain publicity and the recognition you deserve as a unique individual.

So photographers, writers, actors, musicians, singers, artists, jewelry makers, inventors, the list is endless! How are you creative? What makes you special?

Contact me: kellyannearls88@gmail.com and tell me your dream or wish.

Believe In a Dream Banner
Till my next post. KEEP DREAMING!

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