Happy Birthday To Me

May 17th I turned 27 and I have to say that this new age is off to a great start. It all started with a birthday wish…


First of all, I have recently graduated from college with a BA in communication studies and a minor in creative writing.

Second, I have a new job with a new event planning company Jazzee Events. I will miss Ellanesque and all they taught me. They are a brilliant wedding company, but didn’t need any extra help. Jazzee Events not only does weddings, but corporate events, birthdays, any event you can think of. I’m excited to get started!

Third, I am planning on taking a wedding planner certification course in September. Just because I’ve graduated doesn’t mean I’ll stop learning. I also plan to take classes in tour management, website coding and design, as well as business.

Needless to say this will be a busy and thrilling year and I hope to share everything with you dear readers as you also share your dreams and passions with me.


I’ve been wanting to get out more and really enjoy this summer; so she gave me this beautiful picnic basket and equally gorgeous picnic blanket (which can turn into a pillow). I see many photoshoots with these in my future.


Can’t wait to hear how your dreams are progressing. Till my next post. KEEP DREAMING!

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