An Evening With The Houston Opera


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One of my aims this year is to enjoy more culture and thanks to The Cynthia Woods Mitchell Pavilion and The Wortham Foundation; I get to enjoy the Houston Opera and Houston Symphony for free once in a while. Once I get a full-time job my hope is to attend more performances by them at the actual opera, symphony hall, and Theater Under The Stars for musicals. Still, for now I recently attended a performance of The Magic Flute which was the last Opera by Amadeus Mozart…


I went with two of my gal pals Erica and Alex to the Pavilion. It was all our first time seeing an opera. We had pretty fantastic seats for the tickets being free and there were giant screens to each side so you would be able to see every sequin on every costume.


The music was beautiful, as expected, and the voices strong and gave our ears a delight. I was surprised, however, that the Houston Opera had the performers speak between songs in small scenes. I always thought operas were sung all the way through. So I learned something new. The performance was wonderful! The girls and I were laughing, tearing up, and just enjoying the performance all together!


Scott Quinn was a great Tamino (shown above), who is the male lead in the show as well as his not so trusty sidekick Papageno played by Morgan Pearse. My favorite was of course the queen of the night played by So Young Park who sang the Queen of The Night Aria, which I’ve heard before, but now know is from this particular opera. I’m sure you’ll recognize it too.


Any other opera lovers out there? We hope to enjoy more of these performances and perhaps I can save up to enjoy an actual performance at the opera itself. We’ll see!

Till my next post. KEEP DREAMING!

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