Some Awkward Moments To Share

Hope to give you a smile or two. Enjoy my sitcom of a life! Sometimes it’s best just to laugh at yourself and life 😉

1. So I went grocery shopping this morning…came home and put my stuff in the freezer. I then proceeded to pick up my keys and press the automatic lock button to lock the freezer…

2. Receiving these two pick-up lines from men the other day:

      – You’re so beautiful that you made me forget my pick-up line.

       – You sound like a delicious high end sandwich that I am hungry for…

3. My worst nightmare came true…I saw a roach…HUGE TEXAS SIZE ROACH…I chose my weapon…Raid…aimed… Direct hit !!! However…it turned towards me and I saw him start his wings up so I started backing up…his wings failed and so what does he do??? He chases me around the house till he dies!!! *cries* it was horrible…I was so scared!! I need a hug…

4. ( This was from when I worked for a sandwich shop) So another Work story: So I told you guys how at my work people can write a name they want called for when their sandwich is ready. Well I was filling out an order for a sandwich and saw that somebody wrote on the bag “obi wan kenobi.” I laughed and was about to make the sandwich, when I see the person didn’t put what kind of bread they wanted. So I called out, “Obi Wan Kenobi?” Everybody looks at me, but no one comes up. So I try again. Still no one and now people are amused and smiling at me. So I smile right back and call out one last time, ” Help me Obi Wan Kenobi, I want to know what kind of bread you want.” Laughter and finally the guy comes up. BTW, Obi likes white…

Anyone else have a funny or awkward moment to share? Leave it in the comments and we’ll share a laugh!

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