Can I Paint? Well…Not Yet

So as a late birthday treat my friend Zuri, Chelsea, and I decided to try one of those places where you drink and paint at the same time. Hey, the greats did it! We were each to follow a teacher and at the end of the course it was supposed to look like this.


Now I have never painted before and being a creative person who has delved into acting, singing, dancing, and writing, I figured the next step would be art. So with my glass of moscato and a paintbrush I began this new experience…


Well the wine was good…as you can see above. And so far we were only painting the different layers and doing a bit of mixing and blending. So far so…oh drat…that didn’t blend well. What if I? Nope…no that made it worse. That’s ok I’ll just…yeesh. Needless to say things started going downhill from there. Don’t get me wrong, it was still fun. I was making my friends laugh anyway. We finally added the last bit, which was to create the surfboard and then add a bit of writing on it. First of all, my surfboard ended up being big enough for Jack and Rose from Titanic to share. Second, when I tried putting on the phrase, “Ride The Waves” ( my attempt at rebelling from “Life’s a Beach,”) my handwriting looked like a five year old’s. So how did I decide to fix it? By attempting to create a black middle which wasn’t in the middle, but more to the right. HAHA!


We took a group photo and now the painting is in my room. The girls and I plan to go back once a month to keep getting better (their’s were already pretty awesome). I plan on hanging my abomination in the hall and each new painting I hang there I will hopefully see a progression in my skill.

Till then I won’t be adding painting to my artistic resume. Are you a painter? Any beginner tips to pass on? Leave a comment below!


Till my next post. KEEP DREAMING!


2 thoughts on “Can I Paint? Well…Not Yet

  1. Krystal Rose says:

    You did a great job…those painting classes are so much fun. My mom took me last year for my birthday and I can’t wait to do it again. 🙂 This post reminds me that I don’t think I ever posted about that painting class on my blog. I’ll have to do that soon. Hope you hang your painting in your house somewhere you can admire it daily. Mine is in my bathroom. lol


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