Dreamy Life Update

Transparent Excited Dandy

Life is good fellow dreamers! I recently got a full-time job as an office administrator during the week, a weekend job as a photographer for a studio, and I have been chosen to plan two weddings for next year! My schedule is getting a bit tight, but life is pretty balanced right now. I have the stable job to pay bills with good hours, so I still have time for my creative projects on the side; as well as my other two jobs that are already in the creative department.

The awesomeness doesn’t stop there though! In the fall I will be taking a wedding planner certification course, which will be great for my resume as well as a good rep for whoever I work for in the event department. I love making special days for people and I can’t wait to do more! Later I’ll share the themes of the two weddings I’m planning, so you can see the creative process as we go through the year.

I’ve also found a workout plan that suits me and feels great! I’ve been using this seriously fun app for those who still hold an imagination and like to run or at least walk fast (like me) and and another workout that cools you off at the same time. More on that later!

I hope your year is going well and either you’re making your dreams come true or you’re just rockin’ it on your journey!

Keep dreaming and keep checking back for more!

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