The Best Running App and Workout Plan Ever


Note: No one is paying me to advertise these apps…though they totally should 😉

So as a girl with PCOS, it’s important for me to find a workout that is both fun and effective. I will never be able to not workout due to the PCOS, so I might as well make the best of it. Still, I have never been much of an athlete or into exercise…I don’t like getting hot or sweating. So, what could I do?

Well getting up at 5 am to go running (or in my case fast walking) while it’s still cool works. I like being awake when everyone else is still asleep so I don’t have to worry about curious or judgmental eyes. (Note: Girls, if running alone, bring pepper spray and a whistle) I tried just running to music, but it didn’t make anything exciting. Then I came across an app on iTunes that caught my interest.

When you’re a person with a huge imagination like me; you can easily feel like you’re starring in your own Zombie film…and dreamers, it rocks! It’s so much fun and I’m not even a big zombie/horror person. Still I feel like it’s actually happening with it still being dark that early in the morning and Zombie noises growing louder. I have a bad knee from a dance accident years ago, so I can only power walk for now ( I’ll work up to a jog, when the knee is stronger), but I do this for an hour, not including warm-up!

In my sweaty glory as the sun comes up.

In my sweaty glory as the sun comes up.

Then I head to the pool to also walk and actually jog for one hour using another app…


Running and jogging in the water is supposed to be more difficult, but it’s easier on my joints (so jogging is safe here). I make sure to stretch again and then using the C25K app, I do another hour workout while cooling down in the water. So nice! This one, I just played classical music in the background to relax.

Swimming is definitely my preferred exercise, but I need both to build up my strength and flexibility.

Swimming Workout

Did I mention both apps are free? Hope this motivates a few people and just have fun with it! Oh, and also be sure to drink water before and after each workout to stay hydrated and keep away nasty cramps! Till next time, KEEP DREAMING AND RUNNING FROM ZOMBIES!!

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