#MusicMonday A Song For Dreamers

Jetty Road BVJ tightened dark square

“I’m A Dreamer” from Jetty Road

Turn Something Negative Into A Positive



I admire this young man and his girlfriend for taking a negative, or an excuse to give up on a dream, and creating a beautiful positive. Take a closer look!


The Power Of A Smile

“You’re never fully dressed without a smile.” – From the musical Annie

Transparent Excited DandyWhen I prepare to go out these days, I try to look my best. I know what you’re thinking…”yeah, who doesn’t?”

When I say, “my best”, I don’t just mean a nice blouse, cute jeans, and make-up. I mean, kind eyes and a friendly smile as well. You may think this is easy peasy to do…

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Why The Movie Tomorrowland Is Important To See

“Dreamers need to stick together” -Athena from Tomorrowland


It’s not a secret that I’m a big fan of Disney. “Big” being an understatement. I’ll never grow up from that. I think it’s because Disney is not just movies and an extremely successful amusement park, but the fact that it’s a world of dreamers and creators. The story of Disney himself is enough to inspire any dreamer.

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What’s Your Dream?


Love this song from Disney’s Tangled! We’re all dreamers and that unites us in a way. What’s your dream? Tell me in the comments and have a good Monday!

Improving My Photography

When you’re a blogger, a big part of getting your reader’s attention is captivating photos. So far I’ve only been using pics from my iPhone, but during Christmas I got a lovely surprise.


My mother, always the supporter, gave me this beautiful camera! Since then I’ve been working on taking different photos when I can. I still have a lot to learn about lighting, ISO, and various techniques, but it’s all exciting!  I’ve found that my cat Ninja and my friend Michelle’s kids make great models and a good challenge. Since pets and kids are always on the go you have to be quick in catching those special moments. I’ve been lucky with a few and her the kids and my cat are cute already, so editing was minimal. Check them out!

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What Messy Lives We Lead

This year I’m working to become more organized and to clean up my lifestyle. That includes organizing my home, eating healthier, budgeting a bit more, and enjoying healthier activities.

Organizing: Started making lists for all the things I need to do:

Cleaning list

To Do List

Project List

Research List



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Can I Paint? Well…Not Yet

So as a late birthday treat my friend Zuri, Chelsea, and I decided to try one of those places where you drink and paint at the same time. Hey, the greats did it! We were each to follow a teacher and at the end of the course it was supposed to look like this.


Now I have never painted before and being a creative person who has delved into acting, singing, dancing, and writing, I figured the next step would be art. So with my glass of moscato and a paintbrush I began this new experience…

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Some Awkward Moments To Share

Hope to give you a smile or two. Enjoy my sitcom of a life! Sometimes it’s best just to laugh at yourself and life 😉

1. So I went grocery shopping this morning…came home and put my stuff in the freezer. I then proceeded to pick up my keys and press the automatic lock button to lock the freezer…

2. Receiving these two pick-up lines from men the other day:

      – You’re so beautiful that you made me forget my pick-up line.

       – You sound like a delicious high end sandwich that I am hungry for…

3. My worst nightmare came true…I saw a roach…HUGE TEXAS SIZE ROACH…I chose my weapon…Raid…aimed… Direct hit !!! However…it turned towards me and I saw him start his wings up so I started backing up…his wings failed and so what does he do??? He chases me around the house till he dies!!! *cries* it was horrible…I was so scared!! I need a hug…

4. ( This was from when I worked for a sandwich shop) So another Work story: So I told you guys how at my work people can write a name they want called for when their sandwich is ready. Well I was filling out an order for a sandwich and saw that somebody wrote on the bag “obi wan kenobi.” I laughed and was about to make the sandwich, when I see the person didn’t put what kind of bread they wanted. So I called out, “Obi Wan Kenobi?” Everybody looks at me, but no one comes up. So I try again. Still no one and now people are amused and smiling at me. So I smile right back and call out one last time, ” Help me Obi Wan Kenobi, I want to know what kind of bread you want.” Laughter and finally the guy comes up. BTW, Obi likes white…

Anyone else have a funny or awkward moment to share? Leave it in the comments and we’ll share a laugh!

An Evening With The Houston Opera


Photo courtesy of bestevents.us


One of my aims this year is to enjoy more culture and thanks to The Cynthia Woods Mitchell Pavilion and The Wortham Foundation; I get to enjoy the Houston Opera and Houston Symphony for free once in a while. Once I get a full-time job my hope is to attend more performances by them at the actual opera, symphony hall, and Theater Under The Stars for musicals. Still, for now I recently attended a performance of The Magic Flute which was the last Opera by Amadeus Mozart…

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