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7 - Transparent professional DandyPlease contact me at if you’d like me to write for your site or blog. I can also feature your art, music, or actor reel on Believe In A Dream. Please check out the page “Need Some PR?” for more info or send me an e-mail. Here are previous sites and companies I have written for:

1. Woodlands Online Articles:

YA Author Joy Preble Article-

Nursing Program at SHSU-

Summer Gardening-

Mayor Interview-

Cat Show Article-

Movie Review-


2. Ellanesque Blog:

“A Simply Beautiful Wedding”

“A Grand Nigerian Wedding”

“Oh What-A-Night”

“Walk Into A Dream With Ellanesque”

“Eat, Drink, and Be Married”

“Just A Little Ol’ Country Wedding”


3. All Believe In A Dream Posts.