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Nothing motivates me to follow my dreams more than to be inspired by other creative minds. Meet Nina Transfeld, fashion designer!


riginally from Cologne, Germany and after having lived in New York for ten years, Nina returned to Europe and has now recently opened a small boutique with her own clothing line in the South of France.

When and how did you become passionate for design?

I have always been passionate about design and clothes, ever since I was little. As a matter of fact, even as a child I always picked out my own clothes to wear, put outfits together and I always had a special interest for clothes which were a bit more original and out of the ordinary than the average piece of clothing.


What was the inspiration for your opening collection?

I find inspiration in a lot of places, mostly from when I travel to different countries, meet new people and discover new cultures (which I try to do often), but also from music and years past. For my opening collection I have a lot of dresses and skirts inspired by the 50s and 60s for example. These are years I love, I love the style, the music and the rock n roll attitude.

What is your hope for those who wear a Nina Transfeld Couture design?

Well, of course I hope that they feel comfortable in it, but also I want the women who wear my clothes to feel empowered and confident. My clothing line is very feminine and I want it to underline the femininity in women and give them an extra boost of confidence by looking pretty and elegant.


What is the  hope for the future of your clothing line?

I would like to develop my brand to become bigger of course, but at the same time I always want to stay true to me and my style. It’s a fine line, because I also don’t want the brand to become too big, to keep the exclusive aspect of it. I have a few clients, who buy a dress from me, because you can’t find it anywhere else. I pay specific attention to the materials and the craftsmanship of the item and I want it to stay that way, meaning I will never compromise on quality or style. For this first collection I have received a lot of positive feedback so far and I hope that I will receive the same positive feedback for the next collections to come.

What is your process to design a piece?

Well, it starts with my idea and drawing, the drawing takes a few days to complete. Sometimes I imagine a design idea in my head, but when I actually see the drawing it doesn’t look as nice as I thought, so I change something or do something completely different. After that, we make a pattern based on the drawing of the design. After the pattern is finished, we first make a prototype out of less expensive material to make sure everything is correct and all the ideas are incorporated. Once the first prototype is finished and perfect, we then make another prototype, this time out of the actual fabric. Once this final prototype is approved, we start sewing this item for the collection and to be sold in my boutique.


Tell us about opening your own boutique! How exciting!

Yes, it is very exciting indeed. It has always been my dream to open my own boutique and it was, and still is, a lot a lot of work, but it’s all worth it. It’s very exhilarating to work for yourself, to be your own boss and to work hard for your future and the future of your own business.

Your first location is in Nice, France? Why this location?IMG_0296

I love Nice, it’s the perfect place for me and my boutique. It’s a fairly big city, but not too big, it’s absolutely stunningly beautiful, the colors are inspiring and it’s a very international city. You can meet people from all over the world. In addition to that the people are wonderful, the locals as well as the newcomers. There are lots of small businesses here, and everyone loves to motivate each other. It doesn’t feel like a competition, but a team of small business owners trying to help each other out.

How did you learn to design?

I learned most of if during the time I lived in New York. During that time I worked with numerous designers in the fashion industry and had the chance to learn a lot about design and fashion in general.

Why is designing your dream?

It allows me to express my full creativity to the highest level. All of my imagination and stories go into the dresses I make. On my days off I love to write fairy tales and lots of people have told me that they can see that in my dresses.

Is it your only dream?

During my time in New York, I also worked a lot in the film and entertainment industry. I would love to incorporate all that into my brand as well. I have already started working on small fashion films for my collection; it’s great to combine this experience with my clothing line. Besides that, I love to sing and I have a small band, together with my boyfriend who plays the guitar. I would love to continue developing this into more and do little concerts here and there.


Any advice for aspiring designers?

Design what you love and believe in yourself and your sense of style, and don’t worry too much about what’s trending at the moment.


What designers inspire you?

Dior, first and foremost, because he was an excellent designer, he designed collections which highlighted femininity to the fullest, but at the same time he was also an excellent businessman, which is equally important.  Chanel of course as well, because she came from nothing and created her won universe with her collections, but also lots of small, unknown designers with small boutiques like mine.

If you could choose one celebrity to represent you and your clothing line, who would it be?

That’s a very difficult question, because most of my favorite celebrities are men I also love Kate Winslet, but I don’t think my designs would be her style. I would have loved Amy Winehouse for it, because I think she would have totally understood my style. Besides that I would spontaneously say Georgia May Jagger. I love her style-mix of vintage rock n roll. She would look great in my dresses.

Be sure to LIKE Nina Transfeld Couture on Facebook and see all of Nina’s designs on . If you type the promotion code KELLY in your shopping cart, Nina will give you 10% off your order! She ships all over the world! 

_MG_9692 copie

Photography by Scevol Guinot

_MG_9576 copie

Photography by Scevol Guinot

_MG_9425 copie copie

Photography by Scevol Guinot



Thanks to Nina Transfeld for taking the time to answer my questions and for being an inspiration. All the best with your boutique and your dreams coming true!

Heather Mae Says, “You Are Enough”


When I first started this website, I introduced a singer named Heather Mae who wrote 365 songs in a year. Check out her first post here. Heather Mae is now back to writing music and she has something to say to you, “I Am Enough & So Are You.”

To share this message with her fans and anyone who needs to hear it, she has started a KickStarter to raise money for her newest music project. Check out the video Link below.

Help her spread the word about acceptance and loving who you are, by donating or sharing this post or the link to her KickStarter below. She has met one goal, but her next goal is 20K so she can work with a PR firm to spread the word even farther.

Heather Mae’s KickStarter Page


Welcome back Heather Mae and we can’t wait to hear more of your work soon!


The Best Running App and Workout Plan Ever


Note: No one is paying me to advertise these apps…though they totally should 😉

So as a girl with PCOS, it’s important for me to find a workout that is both fun and effective. I will never be able to not workout due to the PCOS, so I might as well make the best of it. Still, I have never been much of an athlete or into exercise…I don’t like getting hot or sweating. So, what could I do?

Well getting up at 5 am to go running (or in my case fast walking) while it’s still cool works. I like being awake when everyone else is still asleep so I don’t have to worry about curious or judgmental eyes. (Note: Girls, if running alone, bring pepper spray and a whistle) I tried just running to music, but it didn’t make anything exciting. Then I came across an app on iTunes that caught my interest.

When you’re a person with a huge imagination like me; you can easily feel like you’re starring in your own Zombie film…and dreamers, it rocks! It’s so much fun and I’m not even a big zombie/horror person. Still I feel like it’s actually happening with it still being dark that early in the morning and Zombie noises growing louder. I have a bad knee from a dance accident years ago, so I can only power walk for now ( I’ll work up to a jog, when the knee is stronger), but I do this for an hour, not including warm-up!

In my sweaty glory as the sun comes up.

In my sweaty glory as the sun comes up.

Then I head to the pool to also walk and actually jog for one hour using another app…


Running and jogging in the water is supposed to be more difficult, but it’s easier on my joints (so jogging is safe here). I make sure to stretch again and then using the C25K app, I do another hour workout while cooling down in the water. So nice! This one, I just played classical music in the background to relax.

Swimming is definitely my preferred exercise, but I need both to build up my strength and flexibility.

Swimming Workout

Did I mention both apps are free? Hope this motivates a few people and just have fun with it! Oh, and also be sure to drink water before and after each workout to stay hydrated and keep away nasty cramps! Till next time, KEEP DREAMING AND RUNNING FROM ZOMBIES!!

Dreamy Life Update

Transparent Excited Dandy

Life is good fellow dreamers! I recently got a full-time job as an office administrator during the week, a weekend job as a photographer for a studio, and I have been chosen to plan two weddings for next year! My schedule is getting a bit tight, but life is pretty balanced right now. I have the stable job to pay bills with good hours, so I still have time for my creative projects on the side; as well as my other two jobs that are already in the creative department.

The awesomeness doesn’t stop there though! In the fall I will be taking a wedding planner certification course, which will be great for my resume as well as a good rep for whoever I work for in the event department. I love making special days for people and I can’t wait to do more! Later I’ll share the themes of the two weddings I’m planning, so you can see the creative process as we go through the year.

I’ve also found a workout plan that suits me and feels great! I’ve been using this seriously fun app for those who still hold an imagination and like to run or at least walk fast (like me) and and another workout that cools you off at the same time. More on that later!

I hope your year is going well and either you’re making your dreams come true or you’re just rockin’ it on your journey!

Keep dreaming and keep checking back for more!

#MusicMonday Anthony Hopkin’s Waltz


Hey dreamers!

So here’s a bit of inspiration for you. Before he had movie star dreams; Anthony Hopkins actually wanted to be a composer! However, he was afraid to share his work, so he let that dream go and went for acting instead. Still, the dream never died and he brought out the sheet music to his waltz and asked the great Andre Rieu to have his orchestra play it. Was it worth the wait? Check out below…

This just goes to show that even if you let dreams go for a bit, you can always return and make them come true when the timing is right. I let acting go, because it wasn’t the right time for me. Now, I might do some film work at some point for fun thanks to a screenwriter friend of mine and who knows where it could lead. You can have more than one dream! Keep being amazing and whatever is meant to be will come and you will shine.

Becca Jones Talks Wedding Photography


Image-1 (2)

Becca Jones, is a well known wedding photographer in Seattle that loves anything nautical. She has been featured on The Knot, Seattle Bride Magazine, and specializes in coastal weddings. She still has bookings for 2016! If you need more info visit her website .

Links to her other social media will follow this post. Why is she in such high demand? Well take a look…

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Pick Yourself Up, Dust Yourself Off, Start All Over Again


I have had my share of mistakes and what many would consider a failure or two. Still, there is certainly one thing I can say about myself…whenever I am knocked down, even if the wind is knocked out of me, I eventually get back up and keep going. There are several famous people who failed multiple times till they found success. Take a look!

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#MusicMonday When You Believe- Prince Of Egypt

tumblr_inline_mosbz3vqNy1qz4rgpThis song from the Dreamworks film Prince of Egypt is still one of the songs that inspires me the most. Yes, it is religious and part of me likes it because I’m a Christian. However, the message in this song is universal.  If you hold onto hope and believe with all your heart in a higher power and even in yourself; miracles can happen. You can move mountains. You can part seas. You can make your dreams come true.

In this scene Moses is leading his people, the jewish people, to freedom from under Pharaoh’s rule. The film is based off the story of Moses in Exodus, a book in the Bible.

I hope you enjoy the beautiful music and lyrics and that your own dreams and miracles come true soon.

Till my next post, KEEP DREAMING!

#MusicMonday: Wall of Trophies Is Match Made In Heaven

Brittany Jean Valint & Will Copps

Brittany Jean Valint & Will Copps

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Do You Speak My Language? Duolingo Does!

When I was in college I had to take 4 levels of a language course to earn my degree. I chose ASL (American Sign Language). Although I did pass all the levels, I still don’t feel the language has truly stuck.  Why is this important to me? Well, considering my degree is in communication studies, I like being able to communicate with others. If we speak different languages that can become a bit of a buffer.

I love and respect different cultures and find it fascinating that certain gestures mean different things in different countries. How one language can sound harsh and brash, while another can float in the air like a song.

I hope to continue learning various languages as it will also come in handy business wise for event planning or really any job I hold. However, with my busy schedule, who has time for classes?


Well about a year ago a friend introduced me to an app called Duolingo. It was free and you could learn the basics of 20 languages such as:

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